I’m the most realistic dreamer (no thanks to my father, who continually keeps my head out of the clouds) you’ll ever meet. I aspire to spend my days meeting people and sharing their stories. I love a good adventure and will try almost anything once (so long as adequate peer pressure is applied). I aim to make it to the top while living a fun and exciting life each and every day.

I was born and raised in Madison, Wis., but moved to the other side of the Mississippi, where I studied Mass Communication-Journalism and English at Winona State University in Winona, Minn. I had intended to become a dentist, but things didn’t play out as planned. (You can learn more about that here: I did it.)

I’m now living in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota with my handsome fiance. I spend my days playing in the digital world for an energy services company. I spend my nights and weekends exploring my new home via hiking trails and ski runs.

I cannot get enough of: my friends, my family, breathtaking views, water skiing, snow skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, road biking, kayking, stand-up paddle boarding, coffee, craft beers, oceans, mountains, mobile uploads, lakeside runs and books that make me laugh hysterically.

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